Heartburn Information You've Never Heard

  1. 1 Between 20 to 30% of adult Americans experience acid reflux every week. In fact, nearly everyone will experience it at least once in their life.
  2. 2 10% of Americans have heartburn every day!
  3. 3 Of people who experience heartburn, 40% state that nighttime heartburn affects their job performance the next day!
  4. 4 Hospitalizations for GERD increased by 216% between 1998 and 2005.
  5. 5 Between 1998 and 2005, GERD in babies increased by 42%.
  6. 6 People who do not experience acid reflux account for 34% of the esophageal cancer incidences in the United States.
  7. 7 More than 50% of pregnant women say they experience heartburn in their third trimester.

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