pH - Your best friend in your fight against heartburn
Body Automation

People all of the time tell us that pH is nothing we need to worry about. Your body is self regulating and will monitor and correct your pH without your involvement. But we know this isn't true. We know this at the deepest level. When a man's boat capsized in the Pacific Ocean, he lived off of rainwater and the occasional fish for weeks. He was lucky enough to have a rainwater collection system, and fishing line/hooks to catch food. However, he was emaciated and withering away. He ate fish nearly every other day, but it wasn't enough. He would use the innards to bait the hook for the next fish, and this worked well. For a while. Over time, he just kept withering away, and his mind was going as well. He couldn't understand it. But that next fish he caught, his body made him do something else. He had an undeniable thirst for all of the fish. The bones, the innards, the skin... everything. And that improved his health immediately.


Why was that? It was his body communicating with him, telling him that he needed the proteins, the fats, calcium, and the other nutrients he hadn't been getting just eating the nice white flesh of the fish. Your body communicates with us in the only way it can: it tells the brain what it needs, and your brain goes for it. Quite simply. The body tries to tell you in so many ways, how to fix the problem. So, keep an eye on your cravings, because you will notice your body wanting water, pickles, salt, bananas, at certain times in your life. Pay attention, because some of these, like bananas and water, come around when you need less acid and more alkaline in your body.